From the Moon with Love: A Trilogy

Book Two: Moon Travels

Young Earth girl Zola always thought she had a friend on the Moon. It turns out, she was right. On her sixth birthday, Luna comes down from the Moon for a visit. Their friendship is immediate, and the two young girls are so happy to finally be able to share a hug. However, little do they know that they are destined to be part of the Great Restoration that could change the universe forever.

Because of a great battle and jealous warriors from another planet, the Earth and Moon have lost their connection. They called it the Great War. A long time ago, much of Earth was destroyed, and the good warriors disappeared, never to be heard from again. To protect the people she loves, Zola must now learn all she can about the war and begin the Great Restoration.

Of course, she won’t be able to do it alone. She’ll need Luna’s help and also the help of her friends and family. The Universal Energy could even make an appearance as two little girls struggle to restore what has been disrupted but never destroyed. It’s an adventure of intergalactic proportions when friends from different worlds fulfill a prophecy centuries in the making. Pack your bags: we’re off to the moon!

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From the Moon with Love: A Trilogy

Book Three: Moonbeam

Moonbeam is the final volume of a trilogy. The story is a fantasy where a group of children and their pets living on Earth and moon are able to save the universe from the spread of evil. Their only weapons are love, kindness, tolerance, and an unshakable faith in the universal good energy.

Book One—Moon Guests—introduces the Moon family to the Earth family. It lays the foundation for the great restoration after the Earth is almost destroyed by evil.

Book Two—Moon Travels—features incredible Earth-moon adventures by the children, which culminates in one of the Earth children getting lost in space with her pets.

Book Three—Moonbeam—is a nail-biting adventure with cliff-hangers for both the families. How can a bunch of children and their pets bring peace to the universe? This book describes the spellbinding adventures of the Earth and Moon families. Will they succeed in their mission?

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